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Anti-Reflection VisiClear™

Anti-Reflection VisiClear™

VisiClear – Anti-Reflection Optical Coating

VisiClear is Impactful

VisiClear AR Coating gives you an extra 4% transmission per lens surface. How important is that? Just ask our customers. Here is what you’ll hear:

“VisiClear is the ‘secret sauce’ in the value we deliver to our end user.”

“My light passes through 10 optical surfaces in my system. VisiClear minimizes light loss and gives me brilliant LCD display.”

“VisiClear is critical to the performance of our medical device. It gets more lumens out of my LED, and eliminates ghost imaging.”

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VisiClear is Versatile

VisiClear Anti-Reflection Coatings are used in many different applications, across a wide variety of industries and across the globe. Select from an assortment of VisiClear options: VisiClear for Glass, VisiClear for Plastic, and high-performance VisiClear Ultra BBAR™ (Broad Band Anti-Reflection).

VisiClear is Durable

VisiClear AR Coatings withstand extreme environmental conditions. When used in combination with optional VisiMax Process Protective Coatings, VisiClear coatings provide extraordinary abrasion, moisture, and soil resistance.

VisiClear AR

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