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Additional VisiMax Process™ Coatings

Additional VisiMax Process™ Coatings

Additional Optical Coating Products

Reflectors & Mirrors

VisiMax Process Reflective Coatings & Mirror Coatings include the application of metal coatings such as aluminum, silver, and chromium, as well as non-conductive dielectric reflective coatings.

Metal-based coating products in optical reflector applications have several advantages, including stability in reflectance and polarization state over a broad range of angles and low manufacturing cost. Metal mirrors can be applied as first or second surface mirrors, depending on the optical system requirement. For many applications, the reflectivity of the metal can be further enhanced by adding dielectric overcoat layers. These hybrid coatings are known as enhanced metal mirrors.

For applications requiring additional hardness or oxidation stability, metal mirrors can be overcoated with a single dielectric layer. This process is known as a protected metal mirror.

VisiMax also produces straight dielectric reflective coatings for optical components requiring low absorption and very high reflectance properties. By selecting coating materials of both high and low refractive index, deposited in alternating sequence with precise optical thickness control, well-defined bandwidths of high reflectance can be achieved.

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Beam Splitters

Beam Splitters separate incoming or incident light into two components consisting of reflected and transmitted beams. VisiMax Process Beam Splitter Coatings are designed to address specific reflection and transmission ratios, wavelengths, angles of incidence (AOI), and polarization states, as well as conform to the index and temperature sensitivities of specific optical component materials. VisiMax can design Beam Splitter Coatings for most optical materials including glass, plastics, molded polymer optics, and semiconductor materials. While VisiMax routinely handles many standard Beam Splitter designs such as 50/50, 60/40, and 70/30 R/T ratios, we can also design custom coatings to meet the particular requirements of your optical system.

Optical Materials

  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Molded polymer optics
  • Semiconductor materials

Beam Splitter Designs

  • 50/50 R/T
  • 60/40 R/T
  • 70/30 R/T
  • Custom designs

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Protective Coatings

VisiMax Process technologies can add extra durability to your optical component by using either vacuum-applied or dip-applied coatings.

VisiMax vacuum-applied Dielectric Protective Coatings impart additional scratch resistance and prevent adhesion of dust, oil, and grease without compromising optical performance. As a stand-alone coating or used in combination with other VisiMax coatings, VisiMax Dielectric Protective Coatings enhance and protect sensitive optical components.

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