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VisiMax Technologies Expands Technical Expertise with New Hires

VisiMax Technologies is proud to announce the addition of two new employees to their team of expert optical coaters and designers. The growth of the team reflects the company’s recent facility upgrades and expanded capabilities.

Michael Morken and Kevin Laverty joined the VisiMax team in September 2016, bringing unique skills and knowledge to the company’s processes. Each graduating from Case Western Reserve University, both individuals were first introduced to VisiMax through research projects they conducted during their coursework. Through their research and interaction with the company, the exposure each of them had to optical coating allowed them to further develop their understanding of the industry.

Morken, who has master’s degrees in physics and entrepreneurship, looks to use his learning from Case Western as well as The Thin Film Center in Tucson, Arizona to further develop VisiMax’s diverse applications and coating design capabilities.

“Each coating design introduces new aspects and challenges, and working to meet customer specs is always interesting,” Morken said of VisiMax’s working environment. His long-term vision for his work at the company is to decrease the turnaround time for optical coating development, and as he learns to navigate the industry he aims to help the company secure wins.

With a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE), Laverty graduated from a rigorous program that provided him with a background in engineering and physics. This unique and diverse skill set allows him to have a variety of responsibilities at VisiMax.

“It’s a very hands-on role, which makes coming in to work each day very enjoyable. I get to see the complexity of the industry from all sides of the work,” Laverty said of working in both the facilities and the coating design spaces. His familiarity with optical coating comes from his previous exposure to organic photovoltaics as an undergrad at Case Western. Laverty is open-minded about where his role will lead within the company and looks forward to applying his wide set of skills.

While they learn more about the company and the industry, Morken and Laverty will be working closely with VisiMax Director of Technology Karl Karbowicz to better understand the detailed process the company employs to ensure each customer receives the highest quality optical coatings.

“The talent Michael and Kevin are bringing to the VisiMax team is beneficial in a multitude of ways – fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and strengthened capabilities to name a few,” said VisiMax Vice President Chris Murphy. The company is excited to see this growth and looks forward to seeing how each new hire contributes to the team.